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A Moral Tale Religion and Instruction in The Happy Prince - Literature Essay Samples

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde tells the story of a personified gold statue that used to be alive, that slowly sacrifices himself in order to lessen the suffering of others. He asks the help of a bird, who also ends up sacrificing his life in order to fulfill the moral mission of the statue. For their sacrifices, God grants them an eternal spot in his â€Å"garden† and his â€Å"city of gold†. This story is a moral tale that reflects on the nature of happiness and the most moral way to conduct oneself—happiness comes from altruism, and the â€Å"best† people sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. In the beginning of the story, the people of the city see the Happy Prince, the statue, as beautiful and happy. However, the statue cries because he sees all of the suffering in the city—he is not happy the way that people in the city view him, suggesting that the reasons that the city believe he is happy do not bring him true happiness. For example, â€Å"sad men looked at the statue and said, ‘I am glad that someone in the world is happy.’ However, the statue explains to the bird he meets that when he was alive, â€Å"I was called the Happy Prince. I was pleased with my little world. Now I am dead, and they have put me up here. I can see all the unhappiness of my city. My heart now is made of a cheap metal. But even that poor heart can feel, and so I cry.† The Happy Prince aches because of the suffering of the world, despite the way he was happy and ignorant of this in his past life. The bird says to himself in response to this, â€Å"He is not all gold —he is only gold on the outside.† This represents that the way that the Happy Prince found happiness in his past life was superficial, because it did nothing to alleviate the suffering of the world. Although he appears happy to outsiders, his soul is tormented because he finally understands the pain of the world. The bird dies and the Happy Prince is thrown out, but God accepts them into his paradise, which suggests a religious lesson in addition to a moral one—people should sacrifice themselves for others while on Earth in order to find happiness and to live in paradise after death. The Happy Prince slowly destroys himself for the sake of helping other people. He asks the bird to take the jewels and stones from his body, and then finally asks the bird to take the gold off his body and give it to the people of the city. He makes these sacrifices because sacrificing himself like this is the only thing that feel fulfilling to him, he cannot feel happiness while he has riches that other people do not. The bird sacrifices himself by helping—he needs to go to Egypt for the winter, but dies in the cold because he chooses to help the Happy Prince instead. At the very end of the short story, the Happy Prince’s heart, which is all that is left of him, is thrown away by workmen alo ng with the bird’s body. However, God rewards this sacrifice. He asks his servants, â€Å"Bring me the two best things in the city,† and the servants bring him the Prince’s broken heart and the dead bird’s body. Thus, God allows them to live in eternal paradise. Without the religious component to the story, the reader may have questioned whether the sacrifices that the Happy Prince and the bird made were worth it. After all, they both gave their lives, and they may not have made much of a difference in the overall living standard of the city. Their sacrifices on Earth were not recognized—the workmen threw out the bird and what was left of the Happy Prince. However, God ultimately rewarded these sacrifices. The lesson of The Happy Prince is clear: Sacrificing oneself for others is a moral and religious duty. The Happy Prince began his life being happy because of the riches of his life, but soon realized that he could not be happy while others suffered. The bird he met helped in his sacrifice, and both of them gave their lives. These deeds were not rewarded on Earth, although they made the lives of others easier, and they did not receive any sort of recognition for their sacrifices until God recognized them. The intent of this story is for the reader to draw parallels to their own lives—a person should not do good deeds because they want to be rewarded, they should do them because it is the right thing to do, and that God will ultimately reward this moral behavior.

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The Pain of Research Project Essay

The Pain of Research Project Essay Explain briefly the significant points you want to cover in your paper and why readers ought to be interested in your topic. You're able to embed a quick quote of a crucial phrase in paraphrased material and provide the page number of the quote. A couple of pages might be adequate for some papers. Nobody will argue that It's quite challenging to compose an academic paper if there's no structure for it. Our writers make certain all your demands are met to get the standard of papers you would like. You can boost your research paper assignment writings by employing a professional writer who can assist you with any sort of academic writing at a manageable price tag. The general style and tone of your research paper are contingent on the audience it is targeted at. In the event of a lengthier project, it is a challenge to imagine a successful writing process with no obstacles in the event the outline is missing. There are a lot of tactics to create an outline and it is sensible to try out various versions to determine what works for you. The outline often includes every element that you'd like to go into an undertaking. It could be helpful as you're developing your outline to likewise write down a tentative collection of references. The Upside to Research Project Essay A raw data must go in the appendix. Your sources have to be identified utilizing the Harvard referencing system. You're encouraged to use secondary investigating to provide context and conduct primary data collection. Just like any research undertaking, you're accountable for evaluating source material and ensuring the assortment of credible sources. What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Research Project Essay You should think about your paper may prove to be of use to one or more of the parties involved with the situation you're studying. Your paper can address human rights norms which were violated in that situation before, or that could be violated later on. A Secret Weapon for Research Project Essay Although unfinished, it will provide you a notion of how you might proceed. Your attitude to the topic may well decide on the amount of work and enthusiasm which you put into your research. You make an obvious point what you're going to discuss and why is it important. Whe n you've already decided what topic you'll be writing about, the following thing you ought to pay attention to is the reach of your paper or what you're going to be including in your discussion. Research Project Essay for Dummies The maturation of proposals vary on the purpose in which they're deemed meaningful and beneficial. They help you estimate the size of a project. Planning not only enters the research itself but into multiple phases of the draft. Developing a research project proposal is similar to developing a quick small business proposal. Know how your essay is going to be evaluated. Make the reader believe the given paper comprises the beneficial details on the appropriate problem and matters for the growth of science. Writing a research paper is as essential as performing the true research or experiment itself and can seem to be an extremely daunting undertaking. Writing a career research paper is usually done so the writer can explore a specific area of work they may be considering. Students should cooperate with their mentors early on to ascertain the acceptable nature and range of their research. For appropriate writing they need to choose a suitable topic which is approved by the supervisor and also helps them score the highest grades. If more students were given the chance to explore career paths in middle school and higher school, they may be more motivated to work hard in school to enter a great college. Nursing students can choose from a selection of education alternatives to turn into a registered nurse. Make sure you have fulfilled all your career research paper requirements. Check conclusion writing advice to help you draft a productive conclusion for your research proposal. Finding out how to compose a comprehensive outline for a research paper is a more elaborate course of action. College students should use a suitable numbering for unique sections. Otherwise, maybe you've just provided a summary rather than creating an argument. Next, you're going to be redirected to a page at which you will give as many details as possible about the undertaking. Give a description of major loopholes or issues which you would aim to deal with in your undertaking. The template is absolutely free to download.

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The Presentation of the Relationship Between Beatrice and...

The Presentation of the Relationship Between Beatrice and Benedick in Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing Beatrice is the niece of Leonato, a wealthy governor of Messina. She is feisty, cynical, sharp and witty. Benedick has recently returned from fighting in the wars. He is also witty, and like Beatrice is always making jokes and puns. They both continue a ‘merry war’ against each other, in which Beatrice often wins the battles. ‘They never met but there’s a skirmish of wit between them’, as Leonato says. They both appear content never to marry and swear never to fall in love. Beatrice then describes their last fight, when ‘four of his five wits went halting off’, and she continues teasingly to mock†¦show more content†¦This could also be suggested in the way Benedick uses ‘thou’ to address Beatrice and Beatrice uses ‘You’ to address Benedick. Shakespeare may have used this technique to show Beatrice has less status than Benedick. It could also mean that she is being more reserved and cautious towards Be nedick. The love story between Beatrice and Benedick begins from the love between Claudio and Hero. Their relationship also depends upon and compliments Claudio and Hero’s relationship. These relationships are contrasted with each other. This appears significant because they link together to create an image of understanding and harmony. Beatrice and Benedick previously know each other and continue a ‘merry war’ that started when they first met. When they eventually fall in love it shows their maturity that they can show their feelings. In contrast to the young lovers Claudio and Hero, they are older and more mature. However, their constant competitiveness reveals them to be childish when it comes to love. Claudio quickly falls in love with Hero when he arrives, while Beatrice and Benedick resume the war of witty insults they have carried on from the past. By the end of the play, however, Beatrice and Benedick have earned each other. This isShow MoreRelatedShakespeares Presentation of Hero and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing1442 Words   |  6 PagesShakespeares Presentation of Hero and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing Hero and Beatrice are the two main female characters in Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing and they tell us a lot about how Shakespeare saw women in the context of the sixteenth century upper classes. In looking at the presentation of the characters it is important to examine their entrance into the play and what first impressions the audience gets of their personality and appearance. AlthoughRead More Differences between Beatrice and Hero in Much Ado about Nothing1203 Words   |  5 PagesDifferences between Beatrice and Hero in the early scenes of Shakespeare’s play ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ Shakespeare’s play ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ has two main female characters, Beatrice and Hero, who are cousins. Both appear to be completely different in the beginning of the play but, as things progress and their characters develop, there are also some very obvious similarities between them. Hero and Beatrice have a very close relationship; they are best friends. Leonato is Hero’s father butRead More William Shakespeares Presentation of the Two Pairs of Lovers in Much Ado About Nothing 1857 Words   |  8 PagesWilliam Shakespeares Presentation of the Two Pairs of Lovers in Much Ado About Nothing Much Ado About Nothing would have been pronounced Much Ado About Noting in Shakespeares time. Noting would infer seeing how things appear on the surface as opposed to how things really are. This provides an immediate clue as to how the play and the presentation of the story of the two pairs of lovers would be received by an audience of the time, livingRead More Much Ado About Nothing Essay: Love Found and Conflict Resolved1972 Words   |  8 PagesFound and Conflict Resolved in Much Ado About Nothing      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Much Ado About Nothing is a lighthearted play that Shakespeare wrote between 1598 and 1600. It has been described as one of his more mature romantic comedies (Bevington, 216). This play focuses on two different relationships, formed by two pairs of lovers. The comparison between how people went about getting married back then and how they do it now is similar in some ways. Much Ado About Nothing portrays the manner in which peopleRead More Classical Imagery in Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing Essay3559 Words   |  15 PagesClassical Imagery in Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing The romance of history has lured many of the worlds greatest authors to search for their subject matter in the pages of time. William Shakespeare serves as a unfailing embodiment of the emotion of days past; yet he also turned to those before him. The comedy Much Ado About Nothing is a poignant love story, riddled with stunning imagery and allusion. An examination of the development of certain characters, the imagery and allusion, dictionRead MoreDiscuss the Differences Between Beatrice and Hero in the Early Scenes of the Play1226 Words   |  5 PagesDiscuss the differences between Beatrice and Hero in the early scenes of the play Shakespeares play ‘Much Ado about Nothing has two main female characters, Beatrice and Hero, who are cousins. Both appear to be completely different in the beginning of the play but, as things progress and their characters develop, there are also some very obvious similarities between them. Hero and Beatrice have a very close relationship; they are best friends. Leonato is Heros father but Beatrice has no parents, whichRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Much Ado About Nothing And King Lear3685 Words   |  15 PagesName: Instructors’ Name: Course: Date: Analysis of Shakespeare’s powerful female characters in the play â€Å"Much Ado about Nothing† and â€Å"King Lear Introduction Shakespeare is seen to value the role of women as his plays often portray women as heroines. These women have strong characters that endear them to readers. Readers in our current world, and especially women, are encouraged to be self-assertive in demand for equal treatment in our society. This has been the tradition for women in the WesternRead MoreLove in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare Essay2260 Words   |  10 PagesLove in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare Shakespeare is well known for presenting the full repertoire of human emotions, and love is no exception. Much Ado About Nothing is unquestionably a play about love. Shakespeare provides the audience with a whole gamut of lovers from the banal Claudio and Hero to the rebellious Beatrice and Benedick. It is this range which allows Shakespeare to critique the conventions and perceptions within his renaissance society

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Self and Leadership Assessment Project Free Essay Example, 4500 words

The next portion of my personal assessment will include some biographical information, look at some family events and individuals who have impacted my life significantly, and describe some of the activities that bring me joy. I will then evaluate that information to see how I can use it to my advantage. I was born in a Qatari family in the city of Kuwait in May of 1976. At the time of my birth and until the age of five, my family and I lived in Kuwait where my father was the Ambassador of Qatar. After returning to Qatar, I completed my High school Diploma in Arts and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Qatar University. My initial intent was to proceed with my studies to obtain a higher degree in translation from the United Kingdom. Prior to my travel to the UK, however, I received an employment offer that changed my plans. I became determined to pursue my career in Management and therefore, decided to change my field from translation to Management because I rea lized that translation, being a routine-type of the profession, would not appeal to me. My family history and background has had a significant impact on my decisions, ambitions and mostly, my personality. I come from a line of educated and intellectual individuals who served in the diplomatic and political arena in the country. My grandfather wanted to be a pioneer in establishing a parliamentary political system in Qatar. As a result of his revolutionary ideas, he was imprisoned for a number of years and his family migrated to Kuwait to avoid persecution. Once my grandfather was released from prison he left Qatar to join his family in Kuwait. Later the family moved to Egypt during the 1960s. My father studied Political Science in the United States and later served in the diplomatic field. Due to this family history and my upbringing, my ambitions go beyond my current profession, which is not my ultimate goal. Determined to achieve independence and success, I am aiming at e stablishing my own private company and becoming a successful business individually. We will write a custom essay sample on Self and Leadership: Assessment Project or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now

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Effects Of The Great Depression On America s Economy

The Great Depression was one of the most disastrous events that negatively impacted America’s economy, and was triggered by the crash of the stock market. One long term cause of the Great Depression would be the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl caused the prices of many foods to decrease in price rapidly, and farmers had to give up their jobs due to the dust storm. This was one of the causes of the Great Depression because it made farmers unemployed and deprived of money. Another cause would be the banks because no one trusted the banks and did not lend them any money. Since people did not loan money to the bank, the banks in turn was not able to loan others money when they were in need of direct relief, causing many to become unable to support themselves. Herbert Hoover was elected in 1928, beating Al Smith in the election. Three things he believed in was that the economy had natural cycles, how he believed in a theory of rugged individualism, and had a wait and see approach. Therefo re, he believed that the economy would eventually fix itself back to its original state before the depression, but that was an unrealistic approach. Hoover also believed in rugged individualism, so he did not create any programs to give direct relief to the citizens who needed help. In the end, Hoover prolonged the Depression by not acting quickly and not providing help to others, especially the unemployed. FDR got elected in 1932, and he on the other hand, acted quickly to restore public confidence. HeShow MoreRelatedThe events of the 1930’s, or the Great Depression, did the most to influence contemporary America.900 Words   |  4 Pagesthe 1930’s, or the Great Depression, did the most to influence contemporary America. During the twenties, America was at its most prosperous economic times until the stock market crashed in 1929. The stock market crash led to a dramatic decline of the U.S. economy. The decline in the economy changed Americans everyday lives. In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president and he created the New Deal to provide relief, recovery and reform. The Depression impacted America in the 1930’s in everyRead MoreAmerica s First Great Depression : Economic Crisis And Political Disorder Essay856 Words   |  4 Pages Alasdair Roberts book entitled America s First Great Depression: Economic Crisis and Political Disorder After The Panic of 1837 introduces the reader to challenges the United States dealt with in terms of economic and political crisis. He thoroughly entails the drastic decline the nation witnessed shortly after The Panic of 1837 which he coined the start of America s first Great Depression. Alasdair Roberts is a well known Canadian professor at the Truman School of Public Affairs. He frequentlyRead MoreTo What Extent Did World War Two Help The United States Of America Recover From The Effects Of The Great Depression1464 Words   |  6 PagesThe Great Depression To what extent did World War Two help the United States of America recover from the effects of the Great Depression? Nirbhay Bondili Historical investigation Mr. Lissina May, 1, 2017 Question: To what extent did World War Two help the United States of America recover from the effects of the Great Depression? Evaluation of sources Source 1: Steindl, Frank G. What Ended the Great Depression? It Was Not World War II. Independent Review 12, noRead MoreThe Cause and Effects of the Great Depression Essay1443 Words   |  6 Pages1929 was the main cause of The Great Depression. In fact, The Great Depression was caused by a series of factors, and the effects of the depression were felt for many years after the stock market crash of 1929. By looking at the stock market crash of 1929, bank failures, reduction of purchasing, American economic policy with Europe, and drought conditions, it becomes apparent that The Great Depression was caused by more than just the stock market crash. The effects were detrimental beyond the financialRead MoreThe Great Depression By Herbert Hoover1445 Words   |  6 PagesThe Great Depression, beginning in 1929, was a time when the world’s economy rapidly collapsed and majorly affected several continents. This ‘depression’ lasted until around 1941, and throughout that time, most people were focused on North America, mainly the United States, but other continents, such Latin America, also witnessed this great tragedy. For the United States, the Great Depression was one of the most profound economic decrease in its history. Several reasons contributed to this greatRead MorePresident Roosevelt s New Deal971 Words   |  4 Pagesgetting America out of the Depression that It plunged into during the Herbert Hoover administration. The Great Depression happened through a myriad of events that ranged from bank failures to the stock market crashing multiple times in a short amount of time. The nation s economy was in turmoil and unemployment and poverty were at an all-time high and something had to be done to stop this economic free-fall. FDR and his political cabinet called the â€Å"Brain Trust† decided to take the Great DepressionRead MoreCauses and Effects of The Great Depression in the United States1238 Words   |  5 PagesThe Great Depression is a defining moment in time for not only American, but world history. This was a time that caused political, economical, and social unrest. Not onl y did the Great Depression cause a world wide panic, it also caused a world wide crisis unlike any before it. This paper will analyze both the causes and the effects of the Great Depression in the United States of America. One cause of the depression is the effects of World War One. World War one had many devastating effects on countriesRead MoreThe Great Depression Of 19291473 Words   |  6 PagesThe first economic collapse of its magnitude, the Great Depression of 1929, produced devastating effects with lasting longevity. Though born in America, it maintained its origin and spread rapidly throughout the industrial world. The election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt brought upon changes that improved America’s overall economic situation. A new leader’s viewpoint along with The New Deal and its reform programs, and a second World War improved the conditions brought about by the economicRead MorePresident Fdr : A Nation s Economic Status Is A Great Responsibility That Its Government Has1259 Words   |  6 Pagesa country’s economic status is a great responsibility that its government has. In America during the 1930’s, the Great Depression spreads its economic disease t o Americans, and as a result, many citizens become jobless and homeless. While Americans are under economic depression, little has been done by the government to ameliorate the situation. However, President FDR is the MVP during the Great Depression as he brings economic prosperity and well-being to America by reforming economic relations,Read MoreThe Great Depression1292 Words   |  6 PagesBefore the crash Before the start of the great depression the United States was a country of great economic wealth, with new technology being invented and a boom in industry. Due to a boom in America’s Industry because of World War One the economy was at an all-time high with a tremendous amount of prosperity. Following the end of world war one the industrial might that America had was being used for peaceful, domestic purposes instead of being used for violence and war. New technologies like cars

The Values Of The Christian Tradition - 9036 Words

21 CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK School of Education Bethel University MCKENZIE, TENNESSEE Our Vision Guided by the values of the Christian tradition, the education faculty encourages students to seek fulfillment in their personal, social, and religious lives. We provide the tools for developing integrity, leadership skills, and the desire to search for truth and knowledge throughout life. We promote critical thinking, effective communication, appreciation of cultural diversity, and we encourage the rejection of bigotry and intolerance. At Bethel, we seek to promote in all members of the university community a constructive participation in social change and a commitment to service of others at the university, in the local area, throughout the church and in the wider world. In addition, we encourage all our members to understand and respect our social order, the natural world, our Creator, and ourselves. This caring community reflects the trust, love, patience and forgiveness consistent with the spirit of Jesus Christ as it builds relationships among our students, faculty, and staff. Our Mission The mission of Bethel University is to create opportunities for members of the learning community to develop to their highest potential as whole persons-intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically in a Christian environment. Definitions By the words, create opportunities, the University offers the means for persons to have choices and optionsShow MoreRelatedThe Four Pillars Of Christian Theology Essay1064 Words   |  5 PagesI take in Christian theology or history I always seem to learn something new and interesting. I will be discussing just three topics about Christianity that I had previously not known before starting this course. So far three have stuck out to me as memorable these are the elements and types of tradition, The Quadria, and the importance of St. Paul. The elements and types of tradition were a topic of discussion I was not aware of however; I was aware of the four pillars of Christian theology. TheRead MoreThe Influence Of Ecumenical Movements And Interfaith Dialogue1585 Words   |  7 Pagesdialogue are of great importance as they have had a significant contribution towards harmony, acceptance and unity between Christian sects, world religions and society in general. The establishment of both religious movements was due to the viciousness of the Second World War and the distress, which was present in humanity at the time. The two religious initiatives hold great value due to the effect they had on Australia post-World War II; they aim and work towards increasing peace, cooperation, dialogueRead MoreChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1315 Words   |  6 PagesMissionaries are a group of Christians whom are on a religious mission. Their sole purpose is to promote their religion in foreign countries. They ‘preach the gospel to all creation. ...and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit’ (Matthew 28:18-20). One of the places the Missionaries had travelled to is Africa. Both The River Between and Things Fall Apart were written during the independence period of Africa. Achebe’s novel, ThingsRead MoreHeritage Assessment Tool: Evaluation of Different Cultures and Individual Views of Health1326 Words   |  6 Pagesand the author’s own personal cultural beliefs from perspectives of health traditions, maintenance, promotion and restoration of health. The objectives are to identify different families and the own common health traditions based of the cultural heritage. Evaluate and discuss how the families ascribe to traditions and practices. The evaluation of these different cultures reveal similarities and differences in traditions that may help provide holistic optimal health delivery. The definition ofRead MoreThe Philosophical Theological Themes Discussed During The First Half Of The Course1218 Words   |  5 Pagesneed to bring about justice and to help humanity prevail. We can note the acknowledgement of the importance of service in various different Tradition’s that fall under the Christian Tradition such as the Orthodox Tradition, the Catholic Tradition, the Pentecostal Tradition, the Protestant Tradition as well as the Jesuit Tradition. Simplicity is also an adhered to trait in Christianity that is highly encouraged in the form of being self-effacing in nature and austere in living. However, although simplicityRead MoreChristian Philosophy Of Christian Theology935 Words   |  4 Pagesessay will compare different approaches in Christian theology to philosophy to see which study was more influential in our individual development. Christian theology is the study of Christian beliefs. There are four sources for this study including scripture, tradition, reasoning and experience. Scriptures are sacred writings that document historical events pertaining to Christianity. The Bible is the central location for the scriptures. Christians consider the Bible their source of truth andRead MoreChristianity : The Rise Of Christianity1512 Words   |  7 Pagesarea, Paganism was a belief that was common among all people across Europe. Paganism involved polytheistic beliefs with ritualistic tradition and animal sacrifice. This belief was common in the Anglo-Saxon tradition, which is from where the epic poem Beowulf is thought to have originated circa 550 AD. Due to the origins of Beowulf being surrounded by Pagan tradition and culture and reliance on the method of oral recitation of the story, the poem holds Pagan influences. Examples of these influencesRead MoreEssay on Authority in Lisa Cahill’s â€Å"Homosexual ity1169 Words   |  5 Pagesof any modern theological debate is choosing the authority. With the variety of Christian denominations, individual thinkers, and outside influences, and it is often difficult to reach a general agreement. In her essay, â€Å"Homosexuality: A Case Study in Moral Argument,† Catholic theologian Lisa Cahill examines four major authorities and different ways to determine how they work together to produce a cohesive Christian ethic. Though she fails to give a definitive, quantifiable method of describingRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Meditations Of The Spirit Essay1706 Words   |  7 Pagesthought-provoking book that compiles the experiences and struggles of dozens of women within differing religious traditions. Each women’s account is unique in how they choose to deal with their personal realities and how their religions are able or failed to help them cope with those realities. Each woman had to make the choice to either accept their rel igion exactly the way it is, to reform their religious tradition, or to reject institutionalized religions completely and find their own path to experience the divineRead MoreThe Dual Inheritance Within Christianity Of Greek And Jewish Thought1424 Words   |  6 Pages(1) Describe the dual inheritance within Christianity of Greek and Jewish thought. How were these traditions similar? How were they distinct? How did each contribute to the formation of Christian life and belief? Cite MacCulloch in your answer. Christianity has been heavily influenced by both Greek and Judaic traditions. As we said in class, â€Å"the first generations of Christians were Jews who lived in a world shaped by Greek elite culture† (Christianity The First Three Thousand Years MacCulloch 2)

Gothis Elementa In Jane Eyre Essay Example For Students

Gothis Elementa In Jane Eyre Essay Gothic features are all through the novel Jane Eyre. Even though the novel is romantic, not gothic, metatonamy, references to the supernatural, and other gothic features can all be found in Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte uses metatonamy throughout her novel as a gothic technique, creating atmosphere. The novel begins with pathetic fallacy, with sombre clouds and penetrating rain, which reflects Janes sombre mood. This makes the reader immediately aware of the sadness of Janes childhood. Another example of this technique is in Chapter 5, where, on the journey to Lowood, it is wet and somewhat misty. The word misty gives the effect of insecurity and secrecy surrounding Lowood, and Janes future there. It also creates a gloomy atmosphere, which reflects Janes life at the school. The weather is also described as misty when Jane arrives at Thornfield in Chapter 11. This has the same effect, and also reflects Janes life at Thornfield, as it is where she discovers Mr.Rochesters secret. This use of pathetic fallacy to forewarn the reader of Mr.Rochester is also employed when Jane first meets him. The moon is pale yet as a cloud, but brightening momentarily. This brightening symbolises the brief time that Mr.Rochester and Jane are together as a couple. The moon is also used by Charlotte Bronte to give prior notice to the reader about the events on the night Mr. Mason was attacked. The moon is described as beautiful, but too solemn, which helps the reader to understand that something is about to happen which will stop it being so solemn. The word solemn also creates an effect because it is not a word that is usually used to describe the moon; this then sets the sombre mood for the rest of chapter 20. Another example of Charlotte Brontes use of metatonamy is in the final paragraph of chapter 23, when it is noted that lightening had split the horse chestnut tree in half. This symbolises Jane and Mr.Rochester, as they too are about to be split. Once again, the author has employed nature to forewarn the reader of upcoming events. The lightening has destroyed another aspect of nature, and therefore the elements are responding to the immoral position that Mr.Rochester has put Jane into. Metatonamy is one technique of using symbolism in a gothic way. Symbolism and imagery are also used at the beginning of chapter 1. Lots of spiritual imagery is used, with the haunted churchyard, marine phantoms and black horned thing. Words like haunted and phantom are very gothic words; they create a depressing and gloomy atmosphere for the beginning of the novel in which the reader is immediately thrown into. There are many spiritual references in the novel Jane Eyre. Mr.Rochester refers to Jane throughout the novel as a spirit, using terms such as sprite, changeling and fairy. The reader is constantly being bombarded with this sort of imagery, and therefore, all the way through the novel there is a spiritual element. Mid-way through chapter 23, Mr.Rochester says that there is a string connecting him and Jane, and that if the string was broken, he should take to bleeding inwardly. This is similar to the almost psychic bond that they share near the end of the novel, when Jane hears a known, loved, well-remembered voice-that of Edward Fairfax Rochester calling her name. Mr.Rochester later states in chapter 37 that at the same time, he heard Janes reply: I am coming; wait for me. Another spiritual link in the novel is presented in the relationship between Janes dreams, and the events that follow them. Whenever Jane dreams of a child, bad news follows. The supernatural is a key element in gothic novels. The first dream that Jane had involving a child lasted a week. She mentions she had been dreaming of the child on that moonlit night when I heard the cry; referring to the evening that Mr. Mason was attacked. She also receives bad news regarding the Reeds. A pattern develops that suggests that when Jane dreams of a child, bad news or events will follow. Compare and Contrast the Gilded Six Bits and the Passing of Grandson EssayThere is also a mystery of why Mr. Rochester thought someone would meddle with his and Janes marriage. Jane noted that his accent and look of exultation was savage, which adds even more mystery to the arcane character of Mr. Rochester. Savage is a word generally used to describe wild animals, and, Charlotte Bronte, in using it to describe Mr. Rochester, makes him appear as a monster, thus making the reader wary of the darker side of Mr. Rochester, and warning them in advance of the way he is likely to react when his wife is revealed. Most gothic novels contained a mysterious character. In Jane Eyre there are three: Mr. Rochester, Grace Poole and Bertha Rochester. Grace first comes under suspicion at the end of chapter 11, when Jane hears her laugh for the first time. The laugh is gothic because it is scary- Jane describes it as distinct, formal, mirthless. Just before she finds Mr. Rochesters bed alight, Jane hears a demonic laugh. This creates an atmosphere of suspense, which is an element of gothic novels, as you wonder what events will follow this demonic laugh. When the laugh is described as demonic, the reader immediately associates the laugh with the devil, and therefore as something evil. Also, it helps the reader to make an assumption that the owner of the laugh is also demonic, and, as is described in chapter 20, a fiend. There is a strong gothic feeling when Mr. Mason is attacked by Mr. Rochesters wife. Firstly, there is the mystery as to what is going on above Janes room with the fearful shriek and deadly struggle. These adjectives lead to the connotation that somebody is being murdered by someone else, and this builds up the mystery. Then, this feeling is intensified with the revelation that Mr. Mason has been attacked. A mysterious character enters again on the eve of Janes wedding, when someone enters her room and rips the veil. An aura of uncertainty is created as to who this person was, and why they were doing this. There is a gothic element of a monster in Jane Eyre. Bertha sucks the blood from Mr. Mason and said shed drain my heart. When looking back on this from the 21st Century, we can see this is typical of a vampire. Later, Jane explains that the woman who tore her wedding veil reminded her of the foul German spectre- the vampire. This imagery of the vampire is very supernatural, and therefore becomes gothic imagery. Bertha is repeatedly described as beast-like throughout the novel- when Jane is introduced to Bertha, she is unsure of whether she is beast or human being. She describes her as a strange wild animal. Her laugh is described as demonic and goblin-laughter. This use of supernatural imagery gives the effect that Bertha isnt human, and that she herself is a mystery. The gothic features used are similar to the many gothic novels of its time. These similarities lie in the plot, and literary techniques used by Charlotte Bronte. Gothic novels incorporated mystery and suspense into the plots. Jane Eyre has lots of these elements. The supernatural, and mysterious strangers are usually in the early gothic novels. Jane Eyre has many supernatural references, and three mysterious characters. Some of Jane Eyres plot is very similar to that of other gothic novels. For example, the revelation of who, and what Bertha is, is much less horrifying than the suspense that had been built up throughout the novel beforehand. This is similar to The Mysteries of Udolpho, in which a character faints after seeing something behind a veil. What it actually was was less scary than what the reader is led to believe.